Oakridge from the pages of the Gloucestershire Gazette


Oakridge from the pages of the Gloucestershire Gazette


1. The Butchers Arms Landlord, Peter Coupe
2. Oakridge Show - Winner of flower section
3 . Butchers Arms Group
4. May Queen Gemma Weare on Headmasters Motorcycle (Bruce Burn)

5. May Revels Dancers
6. May Revels - Guessing Sweets
7. Mr Oakes Stud Farm Owner
8. Diana Simon

9. Redler Sponsorship of Oakridge FC
10. Flower Show
11. Cotswold Care Presentation
12. Fern Golden Wedding

13 - 14 Flower Show
15 - 16 School Book Project

17 - 18 Sculptor Workshop Mannesty Farm
19. French children on exchange
20. Recording Gardener's Question Time

21. Corbett Opens School Library
22. Berkeley A vs Oakridge Reserves
23. Bruce Hockin at Oakridge Fete
24. Tories Sponsored Knit

25. C.C Dinner
26 - 27 Cranham Area School Sports
28. Playgroup

29. Oakridge Fete Frank Parsons
30 - 31 Oakridge Fete
32. WI Golden Jubilee

33. Pantomime rehearsal
34. Bisley Guides and Brownies
35. Oakridge Museum
36. Wartime Air Crash ?

37 - 40 Oakridge School Feature

41. Mr & Mrs Smith
42. Couldrey Golden Wedding
43. Dr Crouch & Fete
44. Oakridge AFC

45 - 46 Oakridge Church
47. William (Bill) Pankhurst (Blacksmith)
48. The Barkers

49. The Village Green
50. The Butchers Arms
51. Oakridge Post Mistress
52. Peter Barker - Oakridge Farm

53. Oakridge Church
54. William (Bill) Pankhurst - Blacksmith
55. Bob Gardiner
56. Eileen Herbert

57. Oakridge Schoolchildren
58. Bishop of Gloucester at Oakridge School
59. Children's Party
60. Cricket Club Dinner

61-64 Cricket Club Dinner

65-67 Cricket Club Dinner
68. Jubilee Party

69 - 70 Oakridge Church Fete
71. Oakridge Cricket Club
72. Oakridge Methodist Chapel Centenary

73. Save the Children Fund Presentation
74 - 76 Tories Easter Fayre & Dog Show

77 - 79 Tories Spring Fayre & Dog Show
80. Valentines Dance

81. Valentines Dance
82. Village Children's Party
83 - 84 Village Fete


Butchers Arms Landlord (Peter Coupe)
86-1353 Oakridge Show - Winner of flower section.JPG
91-1660 Butchers Arms Group.JPG
SMW754H87 May Queen Gemma Weare on Headmasters Motorcycle (Bruce Burn).JPG
SMW755H97 May Revels Dancers.JPG
SMW756H97 May Revels - Guessing Sweets.JPG
87-260 Mr Oakes Stud Farm Owner.JPG
88-299-2 Diana Simon.JPG
88-1492 Redler Sponsorship of Oakridge FC.JPG
89-1573 Flower Show.JPG
90-792 Cotswold Care Presentation.JPG
90-1398-3 Fern Golden Wedding.JPG
91-1780-1 Flower Show.JPG
91-1780-2 Flower Show.JPG
92-850-1School Book Project.JPG
92-850-2 School Book Project.JPG
92-913-1 Sculptor Workshop Mannesty Farm.JPG
92-913-2 Sculptor Workshop Mannesty Farm.JPG
92-1548 French Children on Exchange.JPG
94-75-1 Recording Gardeners Question Time.JPG
94-125 Pie Corbett Opens School Library.JPG
A-90-588-01 Berkeley A vs Oakridge Reserves.JPG
PN-92-1613-1 Bruce Hockin at Oakridge Fete.JPG
SN4624 Tories Sponsored Knit.JPG
SN762 C.C.Dinner.JPG
SN1229-1 Cranham Area School Sports.JPG
SN1229-2 Cranham Area School Sports.JPG
SN1256 Playgroup.JPG
SN4945-1 Oakridge Fete Frank Parsons.JPG
SN4945-2 Oakridge Fete.JPG
SN4945-3 Oakridge Fete.JPG
SN5567 W I Golden Jubilee.JPG
SN-5813 Panto Rehearsal.JPG
SN-6148 Bisley Guides & Brownies.JPG
SN-6426 Museum.JPG
SN-7133-5 War Time Air Crash - Copies.JPG
SN-7152-1 Oakridge School Feature.JPG
SN-7152-2 Oakridge School Feature.JPG
SN-7152-3 Oakridge School Feature.JPG
SN-7152-4 Oakridge School Feature.JPG
SN-7302 Mr & Mrs Smith.JPG
SN-7313-1 FH Couldrey Golden Wedding.JPG
SN-7609 Dr Crouch & Fete.JPG
SN-7827 Oakridge AFC.JPG
SPN639 94-1 Oakridge Feature Spares - Church.jpg
SPN639 94-2 Oakridge Feature Spares - Church.jpg
SPN639 94-3 Oakridge Feature Spares - William P.jpg
SPN639 94-4 Oakridge Feature Spares - Barkers.jpg
SPN633494 Oakridge Village Green.jpg
SPN634494  Butchers Arms.jpg
SPN635494-1  Oakridge Post Office.jpg
SPN636494 Peter Barker Oakridge Farm.jpg
SPN637494 Oakridge Church.jpg
SPN638494 William Pankhurst Blacksmith.jpg
SPN640494 Bob Gardiner.jpg
SPN837494 Eileen Herbert.jpg
SPN1474497 Oakridge School.jpg
Bishop of Gloucester at Oakridge School SN128.jpg
Childrens Party D4014.jpg
Cricket Club Dinner 2 D1140.jpg
Cricket Club Dinner 1 D1140.jpg
Cricket Club Dinner 3 D1140.jpg
Cricket Club Dinner 4 D1140.jpg
Cricket Club Dinner 5 D1140.jpg
Cricket Club Dinner 6 D1140.jpg
Cricket Club Dinner D1523.jpg
Cricket Club Dinner D3968.jpg
Jubilee Party SN377.jpg
Oakridge Church Fete 1 D3032.jpg
Oakridge Church Fete D3032.jpg
Oakridge Cricket Club.jpg
Oakridge Methodist Chapel Centenary D6287.jpg
Save the Children Fund Presentation SN281.jpg
Oakridge Tory Easter Fayre D955.jpg
Oakridge Tory Fayre D5029.jpg
Tories Easter Fair D4224.jpg
Tory Easter Fayre D1411.jpg
Tory Dog Show D3053.jpg
Tory Ladies Spring Fayre SN212.jpg
Valentines Dance 1 D3410.jpg
Valentines Dance D3410.jpg
Village Childrens Party D3317.jpg
Village Fete 1 SN135.jpg
Village Fete SN135.jpg


“Oakridge from the pages of the Gloucestershire Gazette,” Oakridge Community Archives, accessed March 22, 2019, http://oakridgecommunityarchives.org/items/show/703.

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