Rowley Young


Rowley Young


Rowley Young


Rowley Young comes from a local family. He left school at 13 and went into the stick factory before starting to learn cabinet making at night school.
He joined Peter Waals at Chalford when he was 15 and remembers that they got no pay at all for the first three months on trial, then 2/6d a week, increasing by 2/6d a year over the six-year apprenticeship
Rowley Young's father used to supply the cartage (horse drawn) to bring the wood selected by Peter Waals from the Ryeford Sawmills to Chalford.
Rowley Young can still show you pieces of ebony and holly strips made by hand with a treadle saw for the inlay work. It was a task he said which the apprentices became quite good at as they were given so much practice at it!
He remembers working on the belfry screen for Stroud Parish Church - the Screen at Chalford, tables 16' long, 2" thick and 4-5' wide. for Eton College (they proved too big to go in through the doors!). One occasion when laying oak flooring in a house near Painswick, they were startled by eight or nine people coming down the chimney. Every piece of flooring was planed and grooved by hand a secret nailed
He members too a visit with Peter Waals in Windsor to see the Dolls House, and the occasion of the first Wembley Exhibition, when Peter Waals' exhibit - an English Walnut Writing Bureau - was queried because the maker was "not English"!


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