Queenie Pearman Poem - 'Sunday School in Days Gone By'


Queenie Pearman Poem - 'Sunday School in Days Gone By'


Queenie Pearman Poem - 'Sunday School in Days Gone By'


'Sunday School in Days Gone By'
Each Sunday morn by 10 am to Sunday School we scurried.
With well brushed hair and faces bright, Shoes we polished the previous night 'Was that the bell?' We hurried.
When all of us had settled down, It was time for us to sing,
'All things bright and beautiful' which was our favourite hymn.
No matter some were quite tone deaf, and many out of tune,
We sand so loud we raised the roof, Teacher prayed the end come soon,
We then had prayers and a Bible story, A stamp to show we had attended.
And perhaps a prize if we saved enough when the Christian year had ended.
We had a treat in August on our Patrional day,
With races on the Vicarage lawn and everyone was gay, We jumped in sacks and hopped three legs, Wheelbarrows, Spoons and Eggs.
With prizes three pence, two and one,
Oh how we nearly killed ourselves to come home number 1.
A party too at Christmas in a tin hut called a hall, With sticky buns and jelly, we really had a ball,
A bran tub and a Christmas tree, with candles brightly lit,
If you offered this to modern kids I expect they'd have a fit.
Queenie Pearman


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