Puck Mill Area


Puck Mill Area


Oak Inn and a derelict Puck's Mill.


Looking down on Puck's Mill from the valley side below Oakridge c. 1900 - 1912. Buildings from right to left are the Oak Inn, the round teasel-drying house, the derelict Puck's Mill and the mill house. Between the mill and round house, a rough track ascends the hill to Frampton signal box, the railway crossing and keeper's cottage, and thence to Frampton Mansell village.

The railway tunnel entrance is roughly in line with the mill house. The mill was purchased by the Canal Co. to safeguard the water supply to its Baker's Mill reservoir. It was a woollen mill and it is believed that the machinery from the mill was transferred to Oakridge Silk Mill when the latter was built c. 1840.


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