Canal records held by Gloucestershire Archives


Canal records held by Gloucestershire Archives


Canal records held by Gloucestershire Archives as they pertain to the Oakridge / Daneway area.


1. 'Profile of the Deep Cutting and Tunnelling from Cotes Field, through Hayle-Wood and Sapperton Hill to Daneway Valley, 1783.' By Robt. Whitworth, 1783, ref. TS/175/9
2. Rev. Richard Brereton of Wotton House, Barbara his wife, and Thomas his son TO the Thames and Severn Canal Navigation. Lease and release of land called Bridge Mead at Daneway Bridge in Bisley. With bond of indemnification. , 1785, ref. TS/209/1
3. Thames and Severn canal, Deeds, Cirencester Brewery Company, portion of abandoned Canal at Daneway, [Bisley], 1927, ref. CTS/18/7
4. Thames and Severn Canal, Plan (6") on linen showing locks, hinges etc. From the Daneway to the Thames, showing Cirencester brand, Date Unknown, ref. TS/175/4
5. Arrivals, departures and expectance of vessels, owners and cargoes, 1822 Owing to repairs between Brimscombe and Inglesham, and once between Daneway and South Cerney the Canal could not be used at times. Cash Accounts, 1822; Returns of coal and cash at Lechlade Wharf and particulars of sales, 1822; Letters concerning matters such as repairs, springs, difficulties owing to dry seasons, and navigation at Brimscombe Port, 1822. Siddington, details of depth of water, passing trade and other matters, 1822, ref. TS/223


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“Canal records held by Gloucestershire Archives,” Oakridge Community Archives, accessed April 19, 2019,

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