Wills and Inventories


Wills and Inventories


Wills and Inventories


Oakridge History Group


Additionally, Gloucestershire Archives holds the following :
1. Draft wills of John Hancox of Tunley, Bisley, 1829, ref. D1070/1/47


1673 George Smart Will.pdf
1691 John Hancox Inventory.pdf
1700 Roger Batt Inventory.pdf
1703 Thomas Iles Junior Inventory.pdf
1703 Walter Sevill Will.pdf
1706 George Smart Will.pdf
1707 George Smart Inventory.pdf
1707 Henry Hancox Inventory.pdf
1712 Samuel Damsell Inventory.pdf
1713 Thomas Iles Will.pdf
1714 Thomas Iles Inventory.pdf
1723 John Butler Will.pdf
1727 William Holliday Will.pdf
1729 Walter Hancox Inventory.pdf
1763 Martha Gurner Inventory.pdf
1812 Samual Clissold Will.pdf
1829 John Gardiner Will.pdf
1831 Charles Hunt Will.pdf
1836 Benjamin Gardiner Will.pdf
1837 Ann Hunt Will.pdf
1837 John Tanner Will.pdf
1838 Henry Gardiner Will.pdf
1842 John Hancox Will.pdf
1844 George Hunt Will.pdf
1852 John Whiting Will.pdf



“Wills and Inventories,” Oakridge Community Archives, accessed April 19, 2019, http://oakridgecommunityarchives.org/items/show/515.

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