The Gardening Club


The Gardening Club


Even before the formal formation of a Garden Club, Oakridge had its annual Flower, Fruit and Vegetable show, as recorded in the the first document, dated 1948.

1. Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Show 1948

However, on Friday 14 May 1976, a Public Meeting was held in the Village Hall for the purpose of forming the Oakridge Garden Club. There was an excellent attendance of 24 villagers.

Mr Herbert Kirkwood acted as chairman until the meeting elected the following volunteer Committee members on the basis of one per hamlet and two for Oakridge.

Chairman Mr Frank Bowen of Hungerfords, Oakridge.
Secretary Mr G Megginson of the Anchorage, Far Oakridge.
Treasurer Mr Walter Wright of High Gables, Bournes Green.

Committee :
Mr Morris Bucknell of Fieldholme, Waterlane.
Mrs G Gregory of the Bent, Far Oakridge.
Mrs Betty Kirkwood of Fysie, Oakridge

The formation and its early activities are chronicled by Morris Bucknell :

2. Formation of Oakridge Garden Club, 1976

By 1979 it was a pretty formal affair, with written rules and committee structure.

3. Oakridge Garden Club 1979

Morris Bucknell also chronicled its activities from 1980 - 1990

4. Oakridge Garden Club, 1980 - 1990



Oakridge History Group


1948 1979


Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Show 1948
The Formation of Oakridge Garden Club in 1976
Garden Club Rules and Organisation, May 9th 1979
Chronicle of The Garden Club Activities, 1980 - 1990


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