Lillyhorn Farm


Lillyhorn Farm


Lloyd George Survey 1911 -14 Owner 1910 : Mr Hancox Occupier 1910 : William Jones Description: House buildings and land. Area 24 acres

Ministry of Agriculture Farm Survey 1941 : Mr C W Bond owner, dairy farmer. 7 acres grazing at Oakridge 1869 Enclosure Award two entries on p.53 and p.55 awarding land to William Deane of Lillyhorn

Information on owners/occupiers :
1841 Census: Lillyhorn but unclear if farm Sara G Stockwell
1851 Census : No obvious connection with Lillyhorn
1861 Census : William Dean (age 56) 40 acres
1871 Census : William Dean (age 66) 28 acres
1881 Census : Uninhabited but farmer Charles Driver and family at a private house. By next census at Lillyhorn farm. Possible Rowles family may also have been farming this from Avenis
1891 Census : Matthias Driver (age 27 ) with Charles and Martha and daughters. Also in same entry James Gardiner, farmer (age 48) with sister as housekeeper
1901 Census : Ellen Gardiner living alone, farmer age 59 born Waterlane. Note Oakridge Methodist Chapel records shoe Ellen Gardiner buried 1916 aged 71
1911 Census : William Jones (age 43 born Birmingham) dairy farmer (Richard Hancox and family in Lillyhorn House

1832 Poll Booth Entry :
John Driver, Spirit Merchant, Lillyhorn
Kelly's Directory 1890 Matthias Driver and William Baker Driver recorded as chief landowners
Kelly's Directory 1919 and 1927 further ref to Richard Hancox

1939/40 War Inventory:
Mr and Mrs Bond and son, John

Interview with John Bond, son of Charles William Bond, in December 2013.
 Believes his father bought Lillyhorn Farm about 1936 for around £1000. Predominantly a dairy farm and Charles Bond operated a milk round in the locality.


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