Laurel Cottage


Laurel Cottage


Note : Previously known as The Laurels and previously linked with Rookwood Cottage

Information on previous owners gained from documents : 1892 Representatives of G Whiting deceased sell to J T Peacey 
Lloyd George Survey 1910 records J T Peacey as owner of “Cottage and land 381: Stone & tile cottage: attic, 2 bedrooms, living room, pantry, cellar, stone and tile washhouse, galvanised shed, garden and EC” 

1936 property vested in Miss L F Peacey  1959 property vested in F D Peacey 

1961 conveyance from F D Peacey, of The Knowle, to Mr and Mrs F T Cooke 

1968 memorandum on conveyance of eastern of the pair of cottages from Mr and Mrs F T Cooke to Mr and Mrs K W Weare

Information on occupants from documents and reminiscences of local people :

Jasper Young recorded as occupier in1910 Lloyd George Survey. 

Charles and Ellen Smith. Ellen died 1954 having lived here for many years. Dawn remembers visiting her grandparents here 
Fred and Grace Cooke bought The Laurels and Rookwood Cottage, two attached cottages with sitting tenant Charles Smith, father of Sid Smith, in the more eastern part. When Charlie Smith died, Grace's brother and wife, Mr and Mrs K Weare, bought the eastern part now called Rookwood Cottage

Additions and Alterations :
1961 When Fred and Grace Cooke bought the property the western half was one room and a tiny kitchen downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs, with a coal house between the two cottages.

Fred converted the coal house into another room in about 1963 and built a new kitchen and added an extra bedroom and bathroom upstairs.

Links to Census details :
1911 Jasper Young
1939/40 War: Mr and Mrs Charles Smith also perhaps Mr and Mrs Jasper Young


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