Jasmine Cottage


Jasmine Cottage


Identified in Lloyd George Survey 1910 as cottage and land 435 Description: Stone and tile cottage: attic, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and pantry, lean-to washhouse, garden

Owner 1910 : Thomas Henry Hunt
Occupier 1910 : George Mason

Extracts from Jasmine Cottage Visitors Book

July 1943 Fondest love to Auntie, in memory of many happy months spent here. Betty 

Jasmine Cottage is full of charm
Its peaceful air acts like balm
On fretful nerves and troubled mind
A happier place its hard to find.
Aunt Jessie adds to the peaceful air
Always a welcome waits you there.
All around the swallows play
From dawn until the end of day.
Around the door the jasmine grows
Whispering softly when the wind blows.
And when the summer flowers bloom
A rose peeps into the sitting room.
You'll never be sad, though skies are grey
When with aunt Jessie you come to stay
Away from the town's smoke and noise
To share in the country's peace and joys.

Jan 20th – Feb 2nd 1945

Of all my 'leaves' this one has been the happiest – what else can a fellow ask or desire?

Home, Sweet Mother, Nan and log fires.



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