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Peter Barker's Mother?
Alison Gardiner tells us that Peter was actually christened Donald Kenneth but was always known as Peter!

Sir William Rothenstein and Sir Max Beerbohm in 1893
Among the many newcomers, one of the best known was Sir William Rothenstein. Born in Bradford in 1872, the son of a cloth merchant. he studied art at the Slade and in Paris where, as his great nephew Max Rutherstone wrote, 'the seventeen year old…

Frank Finch - 'At The Finish'
A contemporary newspaper cutting says of the 1900's Oakridge football team : The Oakridge Club were famous for their knocking-out propensities. This fame was attained not by science but by sheer bull-dogged dash and tenacity. The Club had "a good old…

The village hall was a long time coming, the original committee was formed in 1937 but it could not be afforded until 1954, here the first turf is turned :<br />
<br />
The photograph includes: James Gardiner, Hazel Couldrey, Mrs G. Short, Mrs K. Weare, Harry Couldrey, Sir Robert and Lady Perkins, Lewis, Dacre and Brian Gardiner, William and Eve Simmonds, Charles Weston, Reginald, Harry and Austin Gardiner, Anthony Liddiatt, Mrs P. Robbins, Mr R. Dangerfield, Mrs J. Robbins<br />
In 1937, three residents of Far Oakridge formed the Oakridge Village Hall Trust and a year later Mrs Alice Rothenstein donated the land on which the hall now stands, to be held in trust by charity commissioners on behalf of the inhabitants of the…
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