Community & Village Life


Community & Village Life


Oakridge is a typical Cotswold village. Its weavers' cottages, historic houses, working farms and more modern developments are scattered on a steep limestone hillside and are surrounded by fields and woodland. 

While the physical environment may be that of a typical Cotswold village, however, there is something exceptional about the community spirit that has flourished here and enriched the lives of generations of inhabitants.

Older villagers remember how the closeknit community has shared joys and sorrows, has joined together in all kinds of activities and entertain- ments, and has ensured that everyone was cared for. One said 'Doors were never closed or locked when occupants went out. If anything was to spare in the way of cakes or vegetables, friends and neighbours would be asked if they would like them.'

Church, chapel, school, museum, shop, village hall and playing field are a continuing testament to a vibrant community life here. These institutions and the many thriving social, dramatic and sports groups bear witness to the strength of community life.

This web site (and the book from which is taken much of the narrative) is another product of community collaboration and records and commemorates the story of Oakridge and its hamlets, village and community life.


Oakridge History Society

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Amateur Dramatics, Music Making and More ...
Amateur Dramatics at Oakridge William Rothenstein, a well-known village resident  entertained many of his notable friends here including painter Augustus John, essayist Max Beerbohm, poet and dramatist John Drinkwater, essayist Andre Guide, Nobel…

A contemporary newspaper cutting says of the 1900's Oakridge football team : The Oakridge Club were famous for their knocking-out propensities. This fame was attained not by science but by sheer bull-dogged dash and tenacity. The Club had "a good old…

The Womens Institute
Oakridge WI was formed in 1923. Founding Members included Mrs S Smith and Mrs G Hunt.

The New Village Hall
In 1937, three residents of Far Oakridge formed the Oakridge Village Hall Trust and a year later Mrs Alice Rothenstein donated the land on which the hall now stands, to be held in trust by charity commissioners on behalf of the inhabitants of the…
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