The Pat Carrick Collection


The Pat Carrick Collection


Pat Carrick, one of the three author's of 'Oakridge - A History', collected a large amount of original content as part of her research.

This archive contains facsimiles of much of that content, including research notes, letters, remembrances and more.

Inevitably, the book contains only a part of the detail collected, and the purpose of this archive is to both recognise the great work which was undertaken, but also to provide an original resource for other researchers.

The content remains the copyright of Pat Carrick and must not be re-published without permission.


Pat Carrick

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Queenie Pearman remembers WWI & WWII
During WWI the women in the village took in machining work for one of the factories on Brick Row where Mr White, who lived in the village worked. The factory made khaki and white overalls for the army and local women sewed the pieces together.…

When the Trains Stopped at Chalford - by Geoffry Dearmer
Fifty years ago "The fastest train in the world" was reputed to be the run from Paddington, Reading, Swindon to Kemble. After that it dawdled somewhat. But the GW.R., did stop its trains at places like Brimscombe and Chalford in those days. And what…

The Nelson Inn
The original part of the house dates from about 1640 and it was probably a farm labourer's or woodcutter's cottage. The end barn of the top row of buildings dates from the same period, and was possibly part of the out-buildings of Iles Green Farm, in…

Rowley Young
Rowley Young comes from a local family. He left school at 13 and went into the stick factory before starting to learn cabinet making at night school.
He joined Peter Waals at Chalford when he was 15 and remembers that they got no pay at all for the…

Reflections on Matthew Gardner's account book for work, 1851
If you don't believe in the Archers, try the Gardners; for one thing, they're true. An Oakridge Lynch resident, Mrs Nurding, has unearthed a real—life document more fascinating than you would be likely to find in a year's fiction—reading or…

Recollections of School in the Time of Mr Allen
When I was a child at Oakridge School the most I can remember were about 125 or 129 children there. We had Scripture every morning. Mr. William Allen was the master and there was 'Teacher Louisa' (Louisa
Gardiner, later Mrs. Andrews who then left…

Oakridge Orchestra - An interview with Mr Austin Gardiner
I used to play the cornet in the Oakridge Orchestra. But I lost my front teeth in a motorbike accident and turned to the violin which my father and taught me to play while I was at school. I was a member of the Chalford Brass Band — Silver now In my…

Oakridge Memories - Wilf Merrett
Back in the 1930s an aunt of mine occasionally visited a friend in Oakridge who lived in a primitive cottage with no amenities and an outside loo.
Later when I attended Marling School I met one or two lads from the village, and how envious they were…

Miss Berta Gardiner
It is rare these days to come across the old-fashioned family retainer. Such was Bertha Gardiner of the Old Mill, Oakridge Lynch, whose death at the age of 90 we reported in a recent issue of this paper
Miss Gardiner went, at the age of 13 as…
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