Canal Trip - Sapperton Tunnel to Boultings Lock


Canal Trip - Sapperton Tunnel to Boultings Lock


Join us as we travel from Sapperton Tunnel Portal west along the canal to Boultings Lock using photographs mainly from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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Words and Photographs by kind permission of Mike Mills

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Boultings Lock
This view was taken c. 1905, looking towards Bakers Mill. Below this lock the canal was sufficiently wide to turn a barge. During the First World War the adjacent woods were felled and loaded onto barges at this point and taken down to Bourne where…

Above Boultings Lock
From c. 1910 this view above Boulting Lock shows a stretch known as the 'Conk', as it had been concreted by the Canal Trust around 1900. Bakers Mill is framed between the trees on the left, with the roof of Hattons showing above the trees.

Bakers Mill Lock
The first photograph shows Bakers Mill Lock c. 1885. The upper gate beams are on the right. The canal reservoir, built by the Canal Company, stretches east on the left. The second is a view over Bakers Mill towards Frampton Mansell, looking from…

Puck's Mill Lower Lock and Pound
The first shows some of the workmen who carried out the restoration of sections of the canal bed at Pucks Mill. The workmen are repuddling the lock chamber given that, as the Gloucester Journal reported, leakage would empty the lock in four…

The Oak Inn at Puck's Mill
The lower gate beam of Pucks Mill Upper Lock is visible as is the bridge where the towpath crossed the canal going up. Mr Peart, with his wife and daughter Alice, are near the doorway. The inn was part of Pucks Mill Farm. It is possible that the pile…

Below Whitehall Bridge
This very early view was taken below Whitehall bridge looking towards Whitehall Lower Lock c. 1885.  Some distance below the bridge the canal has an almost semi-circular curve before a short reverse curve brings it to the lower lock.

Whitehall Bridge
The first taken in 1947 looking east towards Daneway. The canal has been abandoned for twenty years but the bridge is still in very good condition and is crossed by the track that comes down from the Daneway and Frampton Mansell on the right and then…

Bathurst Meadow Lock
Bathurst Meadow Lock c. 1930 with Siccaridge Wood Lower Lock in the distance. There is still some water in the chamber here. These two locks were numbers two and three of the flight of seven locks from Whitehall Bridge up to the Summit Lock at…

Daneway Wharf Lock
These two views are both from c. 1905 and both show Daneway Wharf Lock which was number six up the flight of locks approaching Daneway. The entrance to the Wharf Basin is to the left in the first picture showing the canal and basin well filled with…

The first view is at Daneway, c. 1905, looking from the Sawmill house over the wharf basin to Siccaridge Wood in the winter. The track to the left parallels the canal. It crosses it at Whitehall Bridge to go up to Trillies and Far Oakridge. The…
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