Canal Trip - Ashmeads to Sapperton Tunnel


Canal Trip - Ashmeads to Sapperton Tunnel


Join us as we travel from Ashmeads, east along the canal to the Sapperton Tunnel using photographs mainly from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

For more pictures and information, both modern and historical and for details of the canal restoration works and charity click here :


Words and Photographs by kind permission of Mike Mills

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Above Valley Lock
Pre 1914, two workers out grazing for the night or playing truant? Donkeys were the animals used for towing barges and two were easily able to handle a 70-ton loaded barge.

The view shows the flooded meadows and the canal sweeping round into Boultings Lock to the left. During the First World War, around 1917, the Old Hills Woods on the right were felled for pit props. The trees were dragged to the river bank where a…

Above Boultings Lock
Both pictures show the pond between Boultings Lock and Baker's Mill Lock before (1895) and after (1900) reconstruction by the Thames & Severn Canal Trust in 1897. The upper picture shows the probable state of the canal when de Salis carried out…

Baker's Mill
The view shows the canal reservoir in the background, which is now a private lake at Baker's Mill House. The reservoir was constructed by the Thames & Severn Canal Co. to guarantee a supply of water to the locks below. The reservoir was fed by…

Above Baker's Mill
This c. 1912 view from the towpath looking west towards Baker's Mill, with the canal to the left and the reservoir to the right. The houses on the left are Hattons and Little Hattons.

Puck's Mill, GCC work gang
The work was necessary to try to cure the serious leakages from the pound between the two locks. The pictures probably show a very similar scene to those occurring when the canal was first cut. Note the great wealth of details to be seen in these…

Oak Inn
Oak Inn was adjacent to Puck's Mill Bridge. Photographed here c. 1920, Mr Samuel and Mrs Emily Elliott were the landlord and landlady and can be seen at the gate. After closure (1922) the building was used as part of Puck's Mill Farm but is now…

Puck Mill Area
Looking down on Puck's Mill from the valley side below Oakridge c. 1900 - 1912. Buildings from right to left are the Oak Inn, the round teasel-drying house, the derelict Puck's Mill and the mill house. Between the mill and round house, a rough track…

This c. 1910 view from Frampton Common shows the long pound above Whitehall Lower Lock. After the turn to avoid the river the canal straightens to run up to Whitehall Bridge at the right foreground. The houses above the trees are the Trillies on the…

Whitehall Bridge
Photographed around 1905, Whitehall bridge is a brick and stone bridge and on this west-facing side of the picture there is a date stone carved 'W.D. 1784'. Beyond this bridge to the east it was chosen to abandon the canal in 1927, while the canal to…
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