Oakridge in Wartime


Oakridge in Wartime


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WWII Military Service
Harry Couldrey was called up at the end of 1942 and returned home in April 1946. He had seen service in eleven different countries and was involved in the D-Day landings. He was in the Norfolk regiment and the Medical Corps and was among those who…

WII Touches OakridgeLuckily this area escaped quite lightly with comparatively few casualties.But there was some excitement; local incidents during the war included four bombs that fell around Tunley in January 1941 which fortunately there were no…

The Great War
Queenie Pearman, nee Gardiner, shared her memories a few years ago. She talked vividly of her childhood and how, during the First World War, many women in the village took in machining work for one of the factories on Brick Row where Mr White, who…

WWII Enemy Aircraft Down!
Many villagers can remember life during the years of the Second World War and if asked it is a plane crash that is mostly frequently recalled. On the afternoon of 25 July 1940 a German bomber, a Junkers 88, was brought down by a Hurricane from Kemble…
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