Reminisences of Oakridge's past by residents, visitors and travellers.

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Remembering George and Dorcas
They adored animals but hated kidsGeorge and Dorcas Juggins lived along Ashmeads. I grew up knowing George and Dorcas; they adored animals but they hated kids. If I was to go along and see her she'd say, 'Eh, don't you bring those bloody kids in…

Remembering the Junkers 88 Crash
David Collins (Bussage)I remember as a schoolboy at Chalford Hill School hearing about the German plane which crashed over at France Lynch, a Junkers 88. Two of us went over (we should have been on our way home from school), and eventually we found…

Recordings of George and Dorcas Juggins Reminiscing
George and Dorcas Juggin became a legend in their lifetime, with a fame extending far beyond the Stroud valleys in which they lived: it can truly be said that there can never again be any like them. They lived in a ruinous cottage near Oakridge -…

It was in August 1956 that I began my first visit to Far Oakridge, by train from Tavistock North Station, Devon on the 8.59am steam train to Exeter St Davids, the first of 4 changes. Then on to Bristol Temple Meads where I was met by John, from there…

The Reminisences of Vice Admiral Sir Louis Holland Le Bailly who grew up in Oakridge
Oakridge Lynch from the 1920'sReminiscences of Vice Admiral Sir Louis Le Bailly K.B.E., C.B. I was in the Pacific at the time but I am told that in 1945 my father, Major R. F. Le Bailly, then aged 79, cast his vote for Churchill at Far Oakridge,…
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