Farming and Country Life


Farming and Country Life


In both economic and social terms Oakridge's history has been dominated by two major influences, farming and clothmaking.

Farming came first and last and still, to this day, dominates the rural backdrop to the life of the community.

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The Shaping of the Land
The 1600's was a golden age for farming, though land holdings at the beginning of the seventeenth century were small. Considered an important estate, Watercombes Farm (now Watercombe House at Waterlane) had only 10 acres when it was sold in 1620.…

Farmers and their Farmhouses
During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries most farmers called themselves 'yeoman' - from the wealthy William Hancox of Daneway House, who had his own coat of arms, a grand house and owned several farms, to Richard Peglar of Waterlane, who lived…
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