People and Families


People and Families


Whether they still have descendants locally or not (and many do), the families that populated Oakridge in the past made it what it is today.


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The Barker Family
Alison Gardiner tells us that Peter was actually christened Donald Kenneth but was always known as Peter!

The Butt Family (Including Family Tree)
The Butt family were mainly boot and shoe makers and many of the womenfolk and children worked at the local silk mill. Alfred Butt lived on Butts Hill and supposedly quarried stone there for his house and walls of the inclosures. Some of the Butts…

The Couldrey Family
Harry was at the liberation of Belson concentration camp. The final photo shows Hazel Couldrey Sitting on the wall outside the village stores in the grounds of the house known as The Cottage, Oakridge Lynch. Visits to the village shop on the way home…

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