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The Chapel School, the Parochial Church School, the local Polytech school and more ...

Homes and Farms

Laburnam Cottage (?), Far Oakridge

The history of the homes and farms that make up Oakridge, Bournes Green, Waterlane and more ...

Views & Panoramas

This view, c. 1910, across upper Bidcombe from the Rodborough Fields at Lilyhorn has not altered greatly over time. A few more houses and trees but still one of the gems of the area.

Views and Panoramas both of and from Oakridge, Bournes Green, Waterlane and more ...

Community & Village Life

Dec 82 / Jan 83 Including church roof, parish council, flower show accounts, pantomime preview, and Sally Hornby remembers the 30's and 40's

Oakridge is a typical Cotswold village. Its weavers' cottages, historic houses, working farms and more modern developments are scattered on a steep…

Church & Chapel

Lovely stained glass at the front of the Chapel

With a locally strong non-conformist streak the Methodist Chapel came first and then the Church - from Low Church to High Church Oakridge reflected…

Industry & Commerce

The Silk Mill, c. 1880. The women employees stand outside and on the left, one or two young girls can be seen. On the top of the roof is a bell, used to summon the women to work and beneath it a clock, which must have been useful to the villagers. The Mill was built c.1845 to provide local employment. Coal for the steam engine had to be bought all of the way from Bakers Mill Lock by pack donkeys so it is not surprising that the mill closed in 1890 and was demolished c.1897.

Mills (Flour, Silk, Wool, Timber), Builders, Forges and more ...

Transport, Infrastructure and Services

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Canals, Railways, Water, the Telephone, Electricity, Roads and more ...

The Arts and Crafts Movement

Bernard Shaw to Alfred Powell.pdf

The Arts and Crafts Movement was one of the most influential, profound and far-reaching design movements of modern times. Its founding fathers, such…

Unknown - Can You Help?

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Some photographs we have we cannot identify or put a name to - can you help?