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William Simmonds ARP Maps.pdf

Maps form an invaluable record and aid to understanding. A rich past is reflected in the changes seen over time, in patterns of land ownership and in…

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Amateur Dramatics 1912 - 2004

2003 'Absurd Person Singular' by Alan Ayckbourn

Before television and easy travel, communities made much of their own entertainment. In this context Oakridge has a particularly rich past given its…

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Interesting Individuals

Mabel Dearmer, aged sixteen in 1888

In the history of any community, certain characters come to stand out and Oakridge is no exception. Some of the people who have been influential in…

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Antiquities & Archaeology

Geophysical Survey undertaken by Oakridge History Group

Round Barrows, Long Barrows, Roman Finds, Bowl Barrows, Roman Villas and more ...

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Shops, Pubs and Inns

Hazel Couldrey Sitting on the wall outside the village stores in the grounds of the house known as The Cottage, Oakridge Lynch.

Shops, Pubs and Inns were and still are, fundamental to our social history. Modern economics means that many have gone, having failed financially and…

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Farming and Country Life

A small herd of dairy cows at Bournes Green. Five or six cows provided a living for the hardworking smallholder or the eighteenth century farmer.

In both economic and social terms Oakridge's history has been dominated by two major influences, farming and clothmaking. Farming came first and last…

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People and Families

150th Gardiner Anniversary Reunion (Australia).pdf

Whether they still have descendants locally or not (and many do), the families that populated Oakridge in the past made it what it is today.

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Unknown - Can You Help?

SG BG 9 BK31-31A.jpg

Some photographs we have we cannot identify or put a name to - can you help?

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The Arts and Crafts Movement

Bernard Shaw to Alfred Powell.pdf

The Arts and Crafts Movement was one of the most influential, profound and far-reaching design movements of modern times. Its founding fathers, such…

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