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Canal Trip - Ashmead's Mill to Sapperton Tunnel


Join us as we travel from Ashmead's Mill east along the canal to Sapperton Tunnel using photographs mainly from the late nineteenth and early…

Canal Trip - Sapperton Tunnel to Boultings Lock

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Join us as we travel from Sapperton Tunnel Portal west along the canal to Boultings Lock using photographs mainly from the late nineteenth and early…

Canal Trip - Ashmeads to Sapperton Tunnel

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Join us as we travel from Ashmeads, east along the canal to the Sapperton Tunnel using photographs mainly from the late nineteenth and early twentieth…

Resource Centre

Letter from Sally Hornby 1982.pdf

A collection of resources and links to external resources to aid researchers and those who wish to extend their knowledge or follow up on their…


George and Dorcas Juggins

Reminisences of Oakridge's past by residents, visitors and travellers.

Murder, Myth and Mayhem

The Rookwoods Legend

From local Myths to Robbery, Murder and Civil Strife, Oakridge has a very human side.